Cat Hygiene

When it comes to hygiene, cats have high standards - they often feel happiest when everything is comfortable and clean at home.

  1. Cats are commonly infested with three types of intestinal worms – hookworm, roundworm and tapeworm.  To help control these worms and keep your cat happy and healthy, treat your cat every three months with EXELPET® worming products.

  2. Prior to using any litter please ensure that the litter tray size is adequate for your cat. If you have a large cat then the average litter tray may be too small. A good guide is if the tray is big enough for your cat to freely move around and perform 360° turns. Follow the instruction on your litter of choice for the best results.

  3. Did you know the first experiences a kitten has with the litter tray can influence their entire life? Very dusty litter or an unpleasant feel to the paws is equally disturbing as an unsafe location of the tray or an unpleasant smell from the litter. Providing your cat with a hygienic and comfortable environment from the very beginning will support your cat to stay true to their nature of being neat and clean and helps to prevent any trouble with the litter tray later on in life. That’s why we recommend CATSAN® Litter for your kitten.

  4. For reasons of personal hygiene it is best to use rubber gloves. Remember to always wash your hands after handling soiled cat litter. Those with suppressed immune systems and pregnant women are reminded that a parasite sometimes found in cat faeces can cause toxoplasmosis.